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Our goal is to move the medical marijuana industry toward a new and exciting revolution. 

If you are involved in user interactive cutting edge technologies

we would love to discuss our concept with you. 

Over half million people in Arkansas will qualify for medical marijuana.

Let help you reach this large potential market.

Since we are located in Arkansas we are keenly aware of the local medical marijuana roll out. No need to deal with someone in New York City. We are here to assist you with your internet and social media advertising. 

Why partner with

Arkansas law limits the advertising of your clinic. With the power of the internet you can reach a vast majority of medical marijuana patients.

In addition to our domain portfolio we have social media sites to help promote your business.

Return on your advertising investment

If you partner with you will have access to several other premium domains that we have in our internet portfolio. 

Our goal is to reinvest part of your advertising budget to increase traffic to our premier domains. This will drive more traffic to your listing a win win for you and us.  

On a recent fact finding trip to Denver CO. we spoke with several marijuana dispensary owners about advertising. 

They all mentioned the importance of having a great internet marketing strategy. As you maybe aware there is marijuana dispensary on almost each corner. The internet allows you a greater audience. 

The earlier you partner with the better your chances are to initially land and maintain a loyal customer base. In addition, an early partnership could be valuable. We have exclusive advertising packages that will be on a first come first serve basis. Once they are gone they are gone!!!!